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        CF30522M is a 3-phase hybrid stepping motor drive based on DSP control. It is a new generation of digital stepping motor drive which combines advanced DSP control chip and 3-phase inverter drive module. The drive's voltage is between AC110V-220V, adapter current is below 5.0A and 57-110MM diameter of all kinds of 3-phase hybrid stepping motors. It uses a similar servo control circuit, which can make the motor running smoothly, almost no vibration and noise. When the motor is at high speed, its torque is much higher than 2-phase and 5-phase hybrid stepping motors. Positioning accuracy is up to 12,000 steps / turn. The product is widely used in engraving machine, medium-sized CNC machine tools, computer embroidery machine, packaging machinery and other high resolution, large and medium-sized CNC equipment.

        Key Features:
         High performance and low price
         Equipped with 16 scales constant torque moment subdivision, the maximum resolution is 12,000 steps / turn
         The maximum response frequency is up to 200KPPS
         When a stepping pulse stops more than 1.5S, the coil current will be automatically reduced to half of the set current
         Optical isolation signal input / output
         Drive current 1.2A / phase to 5.0A / phase 16 scales adjustable
         Single power input, voltage range: AC110V-220V
        The phase memory function (Note: When the drive stops for more than 3 seconds, it will automatically memorize the motor phase then re-energizes. When the WF signal goes from low to high, the drive will automatically recover the motor phase.)

        Drive Wiring and Dimension Diagram


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